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Canadian Politics

Canadian politics are very uncomplicated compared to many other countries. The official head of State is Queen Elizabeth the Second and while the UK doesn’t run the political system, there is still a great influence in a sense. The Canadian Prime Minister runs the country effectively and has a democratic process to elect the new candidates. There are two main parties in Canada, the Liberal Party and Conservative Party but there are many newer parties quickly coming to the front such as the New Democratic Party. The Green Party and Bloc Quebecois are always vastly popular and quickly rising to the front also. However, there haven’t been any major far-right political movements within Canadian politics which is quite unusual as most countries have some sort of far-right views. That makes Canada unique and it’s truly one of the more stable countries within the world also.

Canada Has Come A Long Way

However, while Canada is classed as a stable country, economically too, there is some discontent within certain regions. For example, Quebec is a mainly French quarter of the country and while most Canadians speak English and French, Quebec party members wish this part of the country to be independent. That is quite a unique element for the country and while there have been discussions and debates over this, there hasn’t been a referendum and talks have been civil. In truth, Canada and it’s political system has come a long way. At one time, the UK and it’s Parliament had major influences over how the country was run but not so today so there has been a major shift. It’s a change that was welcomed in the political world and yet the country still has very close ties to the UK so it’s nice to see. read more here!

Will Canada’s Politics and Politicians Change The Country For The Best?

The political world within Canada is nicely balanced and it looks like a positive outcome for the country. There is very little discontent within the political parties which can in fact be an excellent thing because if the parties are at war with one another, how can they lead the country? It’s interesting to see how smoothly the political system works but is this in fact the right avenue for the country? So far, it seems as though Canada is holding its own in the political world and it’s greatly respected also for it.

Politics Will Change The Country As New Politicians Come To The Table

CanadianTo be honest, there will be a change to Canada as newer candidates come into power. Right now, the Prime Minister runs the country as he sees fit and looks to continue a healthy immigration policy. However, this is unique and maybe in a few years, this will be scrapped. Canada does see a healthy amount of immigration and there is a lot of people who remain in favour of this. In the next few years and if something drastic happens to the economy that might not be the case. You cannot predict how politics will influence the way people view the country. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any changes to immigration but who knows where in the future it’ll lead? read more from

A Smooth Ride With Little Bumps!

Canada is greatly respected within the global political community and it’s all because of how simply the country is run. You have little in-house fighting with members of parliament members and while there are fierce elections, things are more or less civil. You really do not see that in a lot of countries which makes Canada and their politics so unique. Canadian politics remain one of the best political systems in the world.

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