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Life In The Maritimes

The Canadian Maritimes are found within the eastern regions of Canada and three islands make up these which are Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (New Scotland as it’s originally known as). These islands are known as the Maritimes and have really become a popular part within the country also. These are classed as Maritimes simply because they border the sea and while many other regions border the ocean, the three provinces are known collectively as the Maritimes only. So, what is life like living in these regions? read top article!

What Is Life In The Maritimes Really Like?

To be honest, there are ups and downs like all areas and while the population within the Maritimes are fewer than ever, it doesn’t make them any less important or popular. There are still so much to see and do within these regions and there are over a million people living within the Maritimes currently. You can do all the regular things like shop, visit the cinema and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and while there are some tough times, there are also many good times too. Life within the Maritimes can be exciting and extremely fun too.

What Kind Of Weather Or Climate Can You Expect?

Surprisingly, there region has a fair good continental humid climate which is fantastic. You are going to get an almost summery type of climate with the weather being warm and very appealing. However, New Brunswick does experience very cold winters but usually in the other areas, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island you don’t see a great difference between winter and summer. That is quite good and it helps to make the area more appealing in every sense. Of course, the winter months are still cold but not overly so and at night, no matter the time of year, it gets quite cool. The climate is good however and weather is decent too. see it from

The Heritage Of A Nation

chamberThe Maritimes have a wonderful mixed culture here with a lot of influences from the UK. Scottish, English and Irish heritage is still easily found and you have to remember, there was mass migration to Canada from the UK in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and remains a popular destination also. Celtic and Gaelic music remains highly popular throughout Nova Scotia and there are lots of other influences too. However, the Maritimes are unique in a sense as they export a lot of raw materials. The economy does rely heavily on fishing since these are sea faring regions. Fishing does remain a vastly popular export for a host of reasons and so too is coal mining and indeed forestry. These are the main parts of the economy within the regions.

A New Life You Will Treasure

Canada, especially it’s Maritime regions are wonderful. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are truly unique. You have a totally unique lifestyle there and the economy is quite different from the mainland of Canada. Fishing is of course a major part of the economy and this is what many rely on and yet in other areas, if this wasn’t available there were other things. It’s not like that in the Maritimes which makes them so special. Life in the Maritimes can be fun, exciting and so unique too.

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